MKA1943 ΕΠΙΠΛΟ ΤΗΛΕΟΡΑΣΗΣ WOOD GRAIN 250CM SAND - Παράκαμψη προς το κυρίως περιεχόμενο

The design workshop

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Although this TV unit has an ultra-modern feel to it, it is actually incredibly retro, thanks to its low profile and rounded handles. However, its fresh colour and metal legs give it a more contemporary look and feel. Perfect for hiding your equipment thanks to the central opening at the back.

Characteristics: Visible wood grain
Remark: 2 drawers, 1 door.
Height is including metal legs.
Outdoor use: No
Maximum carrying weight (kg): 30

Περισσότερες Λεπτομέρειες

4 εβδομάδες
Μήκος: 30 cm, Πλάτος: 250 cm, Ύψος: 36 cm

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