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When Swiss architect Pierre Jeanneret devised a teak-and-cane chair in the 1950s, his reasoning was simple: The people needed seats. The design was just one of several by Jeanneret that would be produced by the thousands for Chandigarh, India, the utopian city created by his cousin Le Corbusier.

If there's one style that's an absolutely constant in interior design trends, it's Mid-century Modern. Sure, it might take on a slightly different look from season to season, sometimes it's truer to its 1940s roots and has a real retro feel, sometimes it's more in line with the minimalist Scandi aesthetic. But our love of tapered legs, low-slung silhouettes and the sleek, less-is-more approach is going nowhere.
The staying power of this style says a lot about how adaptable it is. It's been on trend for over 80 years, with resurges coming every decade or so, and we see it used repeatedly by designers the world over. So to pay homage to this ever-in-favor style, we've put together our Classics Collection, one that favours essentialism and can be passed down as heritage to the generations to come.

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Μήκος: 46 cm, Πλάτος: 57 cm, Ύψος: 78 cm

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