CABANA AFRICANA ΔΙΑΚΟΣΜΗΤΙΚΟ ΤΟΙΧΟΥ RΟUΝD 90 - Παράκαμψη προς το κυρίως περιεχόμενο

The design workshop

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MALAWI COLLECTION of furniture and accessories
Beautiful handmade products with just that little bit more meaning.
Malawi’s artisans have a centuries-old craft tradition using natural resources and generations of indigenous knowledge. Unfortunately these time honored cultural traditions, embedded in craftsmanship, are in danger of being lost and artisans are too often underserved as part of the informal economy.
SET through partnership with local laboratories, is committed to reviving these techniques, through business innovation and a shift in consumer perception surrounding the value of handcraft, through Design. We have developed a Circular Value Chain, generating social and economic opportunity for artisans at the bottom of the supply chain, while providing the market with highly desired home decor and furniture.
We help low-income artisans build sustainable businesses, which will raise their income and standard of living. In turn this will preserve their cultural heritage and ensure indigenous skills survive for the next generation. At the same time we aim to provide you with the most beautiful products and put a smile on your face!

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Μήκος: 90 cm, Πλάτος: 90 cm, Ύψος: 15 cm

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