CΙΑΟ ΑΜΟRΕ ❤️ ΡΟΖ 5 ΞΑΠΛΩΣΤΡΑ ΜΕ ΣΚΙΑΔΙΟ - Set.gr Παράκαμψη προς το κυρίως περιεχόμενο

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Ciao amore ❤️ and Dolce Vita, are a collection of exclusive, signature sunbeds and unbrellas, we make in Italy.

Intended to bring the flair of Costa Amalfitana, Positano and Capri, exactly where you are and cherish the very notion of Dolce Vita•
A sweet life where one lives, a life of heedless pleasure and luxury.

Meant to furnish eclectic private or professional outdoors, where Dolce Vita is intentionally celebrated and purposefully embraced.
Specs: Sunbed with save finger rack mechanism that allows to adjust 5 different backrest positions for maximum comfort. Starting from the horizontal position, it is possible to choose the other four by simply raising the backrest. Available with or without sunshield. Hardware Inox AISI 316.
Backrest adjustment WITHOUT cord Stackable and foldable.
Made in Italy.

Open: 61×183 cm
Closed: 76×146 cm

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Μήκος: 61 cm, Πλάτος: 183 cm

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